Using nonstick cookware for healthy,faster cooking

nonstick cookware

Most food has to be cooked before being consumed to make it edible for human use, and also kill the pathogens in the food which can cause health problems. However one of the main problems faced while cooking food is that the food will stick to the surface of the vessel in which it is being cooked. Some amount of food is lost in the process, will get burnt as it adheres to the surface of the cooking utensil. Many foods like omelets, pancakes have to be turned over, and they are likely to adhere to the surface of the pan used for cooking. It also becomes very difficult and time consuming to clean the vessel after the food is cooked, as the food particles stuck to the surface of the steel vessel.

Hence in the last few decades, nonstick cookware has become extremely popular among homes and families of all sizes. For detailed information about the design and features, go to the post,Nonstick cookware which is written by experts in the field. While there are a large number of companies manufacturing nonstick cookware, all the cookware has the same basic design. The inner surface of the nonstick cookware which is in contact with the food , is usually coated with a polymer like teflon, and most of the widely used food ingredients like cereals, meat, fish,egg do not adhere to the surface of the utensil used for cooking due to the molecular properties of the teflon or polymer used for coating the cookware.

Cooking using Nonstick cookware makes it easier, cheaper, healthier and faster to cook a number of dishes, saving both time and money. No oil or very less oil has to be added to the food cooked using nonstick cookware, reducing the amount spent monthly on purchasing cooking oil. Since the cook does not have to bother about the food ingredients sticking to the surface of the vessel, he or she can multi task and complete the cooking in a shorter period of time. The food cooked in the nonstick cookware will have less or no oil, which is healthier and highly recommended for those with chronic ailments like diabetes, cardiac problems. It is also easier to clean the nonstick cookware compared to conventional cookware as oil cannot be easily removed using water, detergents have to be used.

While nonstick cookware cannot be used with induction cookers, it can be used for most other cooking stoves like gas stoves, wooden or paper fuel stoves which use fire for heating the utensil. As the popularity of nonstick cookware has increased in the last few decades, manufacturers are now providing non stick utensils of a variety of designs. While pans for making omelets and frying cutlets, warming food are the most popular cookware available in the market, other vessels for cooking vegetable, fish and meat are also available. A wooden spatula is usually provided for using with the non stick cookware so that the Teflon coating on the cooking surface of the cookware is not damaged.

It is advisable to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the nonstick cookware, for using the cookware, which will help in maximizing the life of the cookware. So nonstick cookware is highly recommended for quicker, oil free cooking.
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