The 101 On Split Air Conditioners You Need To Know

Split AC

Every year the hottest temperature during the summer months rise a degree. Living without an air conditioner at home or office has become impossible. Mix into the heat the humid conditions of the country, and you get the perfect conditions of hell. Even while standing still a person can sweat buckets within a span of five minutes. Walking into a home where crisp and surprisingly fresh air blows due to an air conditioning system is like heaven on earth. It is for this reason, to live a life where we are not continuously melting off, that an AC has become vital.

Air conditioners come in many varieties from window units to split units. Here we give you a primer on the split units so that buying the best split ac in india becomes easier for you. After you have made your informed purchase, go through to get the best installation ideas. A split AC system is so called because it is divided into two parts. The first part is referred to as the internal unit, and it is the one that is installed inside the room you want to cool. This is the part which actually blows cold air to you. The other part is called the outside unit, and it is installed outside the room that contains the internal unit. The outside unit can be fitted to a wall or kept on the roof. The components of this unit are the expansion coil, condenser coil, and compressor.

A split AC unit is very different from a window unit because it is unobtrusive and cools at a faster speed and more efficiently. It is different from a centralised air conditioning system because it requires fewer installation processes. Unlike central A/C units which need a lot of ductwork to cover the entire house, a split AC needs only tubing and connection of electrical wires. This means that you not only save up on money during installation you save the environment too. Plus, a centralised system sucks in more power as there is a lot of loss of energy while the cool air travels the duct system. Thus, you save up on your electricity bill too.

Because the indoor and external unit are directly connected, if an issue arises it is easier to find and repair. A split air conditioner is almost noiseless. It is the quietness of a split AC when compared to a window or a centralised system that makes them so attractive. The reason for almost zero sound is the division of units. The parts of an AC that make the most noise are compressor and fan. In a split AC, both of these components are found in the outside unit which means all the sound is made outside the room and not inside.
With varieties of split air conditioners now available in the market with different cooling capacity, finding one that suits your budget is easy. Conserve on your energy bill, purchase a split AC!

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