Methods To Delink Tinder From FB


Besides offering comforts, love and friendship are considered to be the most vital part of our life. With the advent of technology and the amazing Internet, the aspect of dating is witnessing a new dimension in the form of online dating. Applications like Tinder are growing phenomenally in the art of matchmaking. Many people across the globe use this app to find a date with the mutually interested partner. This short write up is for the Tinder users who can use tinder without Facebook account, though it is considered to be a mandatory requirement to install and sign up the Tinder application. For more details, readers can also look at and get benefitted.

A brief about Tinder application

Being a location based social search mobile app, Tinder seems to be the most preferred platform for online dating. This amazing app allows excellent communication among the mutually interested individuals to chat. Ever since its launch since 2012, Tinder has gained a good popularity, which is gaining every day. While trying to install this wonderful match-making app, Tinder always asks for FB (Facebook) login as a first step, as it is interlinked with FG for authentication and genuine transaction.

To get away from the lacuna mentioned above in the Tinder-FB link, several Tinder users go away from FB for the matter of maintaining privacy, as these users do not wish their FB friends to know about their online dating through Tinder. It certainly looks to be a fair decision for those who do not want any compromise on their private matters. To counter this anomaly, there are few tips the Tinder users can try, so that they can operate Tinder account without sacrificing their FB account. This article is aimed to offer some safety tips for these Tinder users and also for the new users who wish to install Tinder without FB account. However, one should remember the fact that it is not possible technically to use Tinder without FB account. It does not mean Tender users should not open the popular FB account.

How to tighten your privacy on Facebook?


Privacy freaks who have Tinder account can always keep checking the privacy option in the FB setting, as this website more often change these settings for some commercial benefits to gain more advertisers. Hence a frequent visit to this section on FB is highly suggested for the Tinder users. These users can go this option and change the permission for Tinder to stop checking the personal profile.

One can also allow the daters only to link with you through Tinder and not through FB as an option. Also, the ‘Only Me’ option can be activated so that Tinder activities are made hidden automatically, and none of the FB friends can see your Tinder transactions especially the location and other personal details of the partner.

In addition to the above suggestion, Tinder users can operate an additional FB account and use it exclusively for Tinder friends. Though this is known to be the best way, it may not be for a long term, as FB may freeze this account when its temporary status expires.

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