Life Jackets For Your Dog

life jacket

It is always important to consider the safety of your dog when your pet is in the water. Every year several dogs die in swimming pools. You might be confident about your swimming skills of your pet dog, but life jackets are mandatory as they can help your dog during unexpected situations. All dogs are not great swimmers. Some breeds do not perform well in water. You need to check these out to know all about life-saving life jackets. helps you out with tips in choosing the best life jacket for your dog.

Dogs have a heavy chest and head. This makes them sink in water easily like a stone. So it is mandatory that your pet dog wears a floatation device as we humans do. A dog jacket should perform well during emergency situations. So it is critical to choose the best life jacket for your dog. The article is about the various facts to be considered before choosing a life jacket for your dog.

Freedom Of Movement
The foremost thing to be considered when you buy a life jacket is the freedom of movement. Certain life vests leave your dogs uncomfortable as they hinder when they walk or swim. This is due to the large wide band of fabric. Your dog could not move with the vest around if the straps of the life jacket run across the chest of the dog. So whenever you wear a life vest for your dog, check if he could move with it easily. Else your dog cannot swim comfortably with the life jacket.

Placement Of The Strap And Handle
The handle is one the critical safety component of the life vest used for your dog. It is used to carry your dog from the water like a fish quickly. It is of great help when your dog is in danger. The placement of the handle is important so that you can lift your dog from water without hurting the dog. The handle should be placed forward on the body between the shoulder blades. Also, try to put the strap on the body of the dog behind the legs. These placements help you to lift your dog such that the head of the dog comes first and the sturdy ribcage bears the entire weight.
You can check the placement of the strap and handle by trying to lift the dog using the handle on the ground. The front feet of your dog should lift first. This ensures proper placement of the strap. Life vest manufacturers come with life jackets which have a terrible placement of the straps and handle. So it is essential to look for the best manufacturers of the life jacket.

Popular Life Jackets
Some of the famous brands of life jackets available in the market are Ruffwear K9 Float Coat Dog life jacket and Kurgo surfn’ Turf dog life jacket and coat. These vests are well designed as the handles are placed in the front of your dog’s body. The life jackets mentioned above are comfortable for your dog. They have large cutouts which allow natural swimming.
It is important to consider the above factors when you by a life jacket for your dog.

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