Explore To Send Fax Through Your GMail.


In the present advanced technological age, a user does not require a fax machine for sending or receiving fax messages. According to Faxzee online fax, this is now easily possible if the users have an Internet connection and a Gmail account. This is the recent step witnessed in the area of fax technology. This fact is also endorsed by www.business.com services that Gmail to fax is possible now without owning the clumsy and conventional fax machines in the workplaces.

What is faxing?

Before discussing services from Gmail to fax, let us know some basics facts about faxing. It is a unique way of transmitting messages from one place to another place by a separate telephone line. The term Fax just refers to facsimile or telescoping activity, where the texts or images are scanned and transmitted to another number, i.e., from one phone number to another number across the globe. The system works with an output printer which prints the transmitted messages as per the original form at the receiving end. This process can be done in both ways where exclusive telephones numbers are given in both terminals. By online faxing, the hassles of maintaining the fax machine and other fax stationeries are eliminated.

Of course, until a few years back we cannot send or receive such messages or texts unless we have the fax machines at both ends. With the arrival of the Internet, computers and smartphones the need for such faxing was not felt by many people. However, still, some large organizations around the world continue to use the fax messages by procuring the latest fax machines. Interestingly, Gmail has now come with a solution of using the faxing method without the help of the good old fax machines.

Methods to use Gmail faxing services:

Open a new Gmail account if you do not have one, or you can still use the one you already have. Choose a web based Fax Company that will operate your incoming and outgoing fax messages online. Use the compose mail tab and enter your allotted fax number where you will use the recipient’s email address. Similar to sending email addresses, use only numbers without any space and add the receiver’s extension. As usual, enter the message you need to fax and also attaché the document or image if any. Click the ‘Send ‘button and allow the message to go.

Benefits of Gmail to fax services

Gmail faxing services several provide many exciting features that were not possible by using the old methods of faxing. The aspect of a new feature called scheduling lets the users send a fax messages automatically at the predetermined time according to their option. At the time and date of his or her choice. This is a handy feature and considered to be one of the USP features of Internet faxing. By this method, one can send messages while away from office or home and thereby avoid the unnecessary stress over sending some important messages or documents. By using this facility, messages can be sent to many places by just adding the fax numbers of the recipients.

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