Dance Mat Typing Games- Are They Beneficial

dance mat games -level 1

Internet games are popular all over the world. Kids and adults go crazy about their favorite games As online games have also been introduced in many varieties; there is no end to the excitement that is bubbling everywhere. level 1 is always followed by a series of exciting levels in almost every game nowadays. There are many educational games also available. One such is the dance mat typing game. Find more information regarding all stages at

How to play the game
The dance mat typing game is quite a useful game. It helps people learning how to type properly and also how to gain speed while typing. All that is required to start playing the game is a computer having a keyboard. Sound simple, doesn’t it? In fact, it is so easy that even kids can learn this up very fast. Kids who play this game regularly will be experts in using the keyboard for typing when they grow up.

First, the game has to be installed from the internet. There are four stages of the game. Each stage is divided into three parts. There are instructions given for each step. Kids will love following these instructions as animated characters are used for this. After each step has been completed, the next set of guidelines will be presented. Simply follow the guidelines to complete the game. There are also many clues given which make it easier to reach the end soon.

Benefits of dancing mat game
· Learning to type very fast
· It teaches to write fast as letters are familiar
· The game is free of charge
· You can have free installation done

Learn a skill that comes useful for the rest of a life

Such educational games encourage and motivate kids to learn how to type. In many cases, the kids learn how to type faster than they learn how to write. The movement and coordination of fingers are achieved with constant practice. Schools are also promoting the use of electronic media for many learning sessions. Kids with good typing abilities will excel in competitions and will have more concentration as they are trained to use their fingers on the keyboard.

Points to note when kids constantly join dance mat typing games
· Make sure they use the correct fingers for each alphabet
· Let them take their own sweet time
· Make sure they rest their wrists on the desk
· Do not let them strain their eyes too much
· Make sure they use the correct posture for sitting
· Give proper relaxation techniques as they may strain their back and shoulders

Another point to note is that the kids should learn to type without looking at their fingers. Let them enjoy the music on every level and work their way through all the levels. The game is highly beneficial and cost effective too. Unlike other games, it does not require many accessories or updates either. The installation is also free and can be done at home itself. Do it along with the kids so that they can also see how it is being done.

Install this learning game and watch how the kids become efficient in using the computer keyboard without any difficulty.

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