October 2016

The Best Shave With A Straight Razor Blade

The Best Shave With A Straight Razor Blade

All double edge razor blades look alike and it is quite difficult to decide as to the best blade just by looking at it. Only after trying several blades can one decide as to what suits them best. There are those who have studied the quality of the blade based on scanning electron microscope view of the surface and edges. There are other reviews as to the best blades based on personal experience and there are yet others who review blades based on their make and sharpness. http://www.shaverinfoformen.com/best-straight-razor/ illustrates some of the best razor blades available in the market. While blades may be judged based on sharpness, the overall user experience depends on various factors and http://npicom.com/razorblade-injury-statistics advices caution when employing sharp blades.

Here is a review of the top brands according to user reviews and quality of the blade, but the opinion is subjective and depends upon individual skin, hair type and even the cream or foam used and water quality. The only way to choose the best is to actually try it. This review will help you identify what to try while looking for what you want to achieve. Sampler kits are available for beginners to help identify what suits them best. The sampler kits are a low cost method to determine the best blade available. These kits consist of blades from various manufacturers allowing customers to explore their options.

The main factors to look for before purchasing a blade would be to determine the level of beard coarseness, sensitivity of skin and also the level of experience with shaving. The shaving experience will also depend upon the tools used such as shaving brush, foam and cream. These tools do not need to be the most expensive but must be of reliable quality. The proper shaving technique would be to shave after a hot shower. Prior to shaving, wash face to remove excess oil. If you have dry skin apply pre-shave soap or oil followed by lavish application of shaving cream with the help of an effective shaving brush. Practice a three pass shave and rinse with cold water. Take care of shaved skin by applying after-shave lotion.

A person with very thick beard will require a sharp blade to work with. Sharp blades lack smoothness and lead to irritation and burns. Finding the right balance is essential for an effective shave. The blade needs to be sharp enough to work through thick beard and smooth enough to avoid irritating the skin. Feather all stainless blades are the sharpest and most often recommended brand for coarse beards. Feather blades are on the expensive side. Personna blues are a satisfactory option especially for being cost effective.

Men with sensitive skin would do well to avoid the sharpest blades. Merkur 34C and Derby are good options for those with sensitive skin. These blades are not as sharp as the sharpest of blades and do not cause skin irritation. Personna or Crystal too are satisfactory options. Beginners must not risk using sharpest blades until they have perfected the shaving technique as they can cause serious injuries. It would be best to begin with less sharp blades like the BIC Chrome Platinum that are good enough for a clean shave and are forgiving.