June 2016

Real facts in filing a personal injury claim

personal-injury (1)There are different types of personal injury case available and you may get injuries due to car accident, motorcycle accident, medical malpractices and slip or fall in workplace etc. Personal accident chapter is very broad and only a personal injury lawyer aware about it completely. To know the more about personal injury law and the type of damages related to it you can read our blog and get the benefits.

Also there are other factors such as the severity of the damages, responsible person for the accident, and whether it covers under insurance policy need to consider before demanding the compensation. You must know some of the practical difficulties associated with claiming your compensation amount.

First thing you want to know is whether someone responsible for your car accident covers insurance policy. If the person has insurance policy then you have less chances of claiming your money. Do you have only minor injuries in your case and you have own insurance policy coverage for your injuries? Then it is better to think well before filling the lawsuit against the defendant.

Apart from simple cases for all the other personal injury cases you need to hire a personal injury lawyer. The initial consultation with the lawyer will be free of cost and you can discuss the lawyer about the benefits of your case and the legal options available in your case.
You must also check whether the attorney works for contingency payment option where you don’t want to make any payment to your attorney unless you succeed in your case. The attorney gets certain percentage of amount as fees from the settlement amount or there are some attorneys who demands money on hourly basis.

In most types of personal injury cases, the two parties discussed and accept the settlement amount outside the court and there is no need to file the case.